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The tarot of the yes or no make a query to the deck to answer a certain question. The response offered is positive or negative exclusively and is based on the cards chosen to make the roll.

The arcana of the chosen deck allows determining which of the two answers is the most appropriate for the query made. In addition, additional information about the question is obtained from the letters that appear on the print run.

Yes or No Tarot card Reading

The arcana help to determine the yes or no answer to a question with two possible answers. If you have a doubt about an issue of your destiny, as long as this can be answered in a binary way, the tarot is the ideal choice for you.

Will I have luck in love? Is something good going to happen to me this week? Are you going to increase my salary soon?

By just choosing 4 cards from the 22-card deck, you will get the answer to your question, which will be a yes or a no. You can also see the information of the cards used in the roll. Before choosing the cards, we recommend you shuffle and / or cut the cards, for a better throw.

Choose 4 from 22 cards


Free Accurate Yes or No Tarot

It is free and accurate. Unlike other queries that are made by phone, television or face-to-face, this tarot is completely free. The four cards chosen in the roll provide a background to the answer you are looking for.

With the ease of tarot consultation, there is no reason to continue waiting for more time to answer the question you want.

You can solve your doubt with our personalized tarot. When you choose the letters for your query you will see the personal interpretation for you. Will it be a yes or a no this time?


Online Tarot reading

It is available online. Online queries greatly facilitate access, as they are free and provide a first interpretation of a particular question that you pose.

The free tarot should be interpreted according to the combination of letters chosen, since sometimes it does not allow a totally positive or negative response to the query. That is to say, it is possible that the answer is “can” or “maybe” in only some cases.


Free Online Questions Tarot Cards

Often, the answer to a question opens more questions. It is common that after receiving information about a query, more questions arise.

For this, it is possible to continue trusting it but you can also resort to a full test to go deeper.

You also have personalized editions on our page to better understand the interpretation of your destination. To deepen in each of the questions that you may have, you will have to make a run by question.

Remember to meditate a few seconds on the question that comes to your mind before choosing the four cards. The first step is to solve your first question.

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