All the Tarot Cards and their meanings

The traditional tarot of Marseille is composed of 78 cards grouped in major and minor arcana. The name of each card refers to an image that represents an archetype with great symbolism for the interpretation of destiny after a roll.

Although in some decks the cards are numbered and named, in the oldest tarots only their images appear. Next, we present all the tarot cards for you to know them in detail.

All the Tarot cards with meanings

The major arcana, also known as triumphs, are the 22 cards of the tarot deck whose image is a character of marked character. These arcana give information about universal characteristics common to all people.

The minor arcana are the remaining 56 cards of the tarot deck. Numbered cards from 1 to 10 plus honors or figures are included: jack, knight, queen and king.


tarot cards major arcana meanings

The major arcana are those that are above all in the deck. They represent the archetypes that define all people, that is, both the common experiences and the characteristics shared by people.

In the run we can see the path of the hero that each person must travel during his life due to all the events that occur in his journey.

Next, the 22 major arcana are presented. You can consult the description of each letter or if you want to consult a specific letter, you can click on any of the links that appear to go directly to the description of the letter.

  • Arcano n° 1: The magician
    The magician represents the autonomy of a person and their freedom from prejudices due to spontaneity. The eloquence in speech and the ability to speak are common characteristics of this letter. However, the inverted magician represents corruption in values and quackery. The will with negative ends, lusts and scams are associated with this orientation of the letter.
  • Arcano n° 2: The priestess

    The priestess represents silence, patience and discretion. Modesty and meditated decisions are common features that are presented with this right oriented chart.

    When the priestess appears inverted, we approach resentment, intolerance and fanaticism. This type of attitude slows relationships and becomes a burden on this orientation despite making immediate decisions.

  • Arcano n° 3: The Empress

    The empress is understanding, education and intelligence in a person. The people represented with this letter present elegance and distinction. It is associated with marriage, wealth and fertility.

    When the empress appears inverted in a roll we must expect frivolity, posture or vanity. Susceptibility to compliments. Excessive luxury, lack of refinement and ease of discussion are common with this orientation of the letter.

  • Arcano n° 4: The emperor

    The emperor is the will and power. This tarot card is associated with accuracy and firmness. It is also related to equity and positivism. The emperor is realized and is a powerful protector.

    For his part, the inverted emperor is the lack of exaggerated idealism and stubbornness. He is a stubborn person who loses his possessions due to his own folly.

  • Arcano n° 5: The High Priest

    The high priest or the Pope characterizes wisdom and perseverance in union with generosity and indulgence in decisions. The priest helps the organization by being guided by an inner voice that the consultant (to whom they read the letters) hears.

    The inverted high priest is authoritarian, excessively critical, and without coherence in his action. This orientation is associated with irrationality and superstition

  • Arcano n° 6: In Love

    The lover represents the decision and the choice. This card is associated with marriage and lasting union balancing the attraction of opposites. This figure is associated with the balance between the inner and outer world.

    However, when the lover appears invested we must expect divorce, separation and disappointment along with much emotional instability. Frustrated marriages and dangerous temptations related to infidelity.

  • Arcano n° 7: The Carriage

    The carriage tells us of triumph, victory and the ability to overcome obstacles in life. This card presents unexpected news, self-control and the ability to direct one’s destiny. These skills are associated with high physical and mental strength. Ability to travel and move fast.

    The investment of the car represents disorder, disease and lack of control. The bad news, fatigue and accidents are related to this reversed card.

  • Arcano n° 8: The Justice

    The arcane of justice represents moral strength and integrity. It also communicates fairness and wisdom, that is, the balance that we must maintain in life. It is also associated with the successes achieved with the effort.

    The reversed justice card means prejudice, intolerance and injustice. This orientation of the letter is related to abuse and fanaticism in the judgment of a person.

  • Arcano n° 9: The hermit

    The hermit’s arcane represents introspection and meditation. This card is associated with the inner study of oneself, uniting loneliness with self-knowledge. It can also be applied to studies that require more understanding.

    When the inverted hermit appears, the meaning changes to social disconnection. We all need to reconnect with the inner self but without taking it to the extreme.

  • Arcano n° 10: The Wheel of Fortune

    The wheel of fortune is the movement of life itself, destiny or karma. In its right orientation it is associated with good luck and warns about rapidly changing situations that are yet to come.

    However, when the wheel appears inverted it represents the times of bad luck and adverse fortune for reasons beyond our control. We must look for ways to combat these adverse effects when they occur.

  • Arcano n° 11: The Force

    The will necessary to face the blows of life is represented by the force card. It is the internal momentum we need to be able to face any adversity, however hard it may be.

    If this card appears reversed in a roll we must understand insecurity, poor will and, in general, physical and mental weakness in a person. It is recommended to seek advice and support in these cases.

  • Arcano n° 12: The hung

    The hanger represents self-sacrifice and the ability to endure adversities. The meaning of this arcane is associated with self-denial and postponement of goals for the sake of others.

    The inverted position of the hanger represents indecision and delay. It is usually related to the need to separate oneself from old customs or even friendships for the common good of all.

  • Arcano n° 13: The Death

    Contrary to what is usually thought, death does not usually represent itself but a change, the end of a cycle and the beginning of the next stage. It is not necessarily something negative.

    Your investment represents resistance to change and the complications associated with refusing to accept change in life. Not all changes are bad and it is impossible to remain unchanged for years.

  • Arcano n° 14: Temperance

    Temperance is balance and moderation. It represents patience, tenacity and the ability to maintain a purpose. It is also associated with friendship and the virtue of balancing things.

    On the other hand, inverted temperance represents the imbalance and the lack of a long-term plan. It is associated with conflict and imbalance in life without finding moderation.

  • Arcano n° 15: The Devil

    The arcane corresponding to the devil is the representation of materialism and lust. Its meaning is associated with the degradation of values and the excesses committed.

    The inverted devil has several positive aspects, including the release of limitations, positive energy and detachment from the material. However, the positive of the right letter, which is opportunism, cunning or ingenuity, is also lost.

  • Arcano n° 16: The House of god

    The tower or house of God represents destruction or death. If it appears in a roll it calls to analyze the current situation deeply, since it is necessary to eliminate what hurts us.

    When the tower or house of God appears inverted it has a similar but less drastic meaning to its right version. It communicates changes that must be made and that are being delayed by the inertia to do the same.

  • Arcano n° 17: The Star

    The star is one of the most positive cards that can be rolled out. It means renewal, renewed forces and rationality to progress.

    When the star is inverted it is negative but not to an excessive extent. It implies despair, discouragement and sadness. We must be aware that we may be seeing life in a distorted way whose source we must find to resolve the conflict.

  • Arcano n° 18: The Moon

    The moon card represents the internal insecurities that measure in the subconscious. It is associated with the fear and anxiety that we have within us and that must be controlled to progress in life.

    In its inverted orientation, the moon has very positive aspects, such as the release of fears, control over sadness, and overcoming confusion in life.

  • Arcano n° 19: The Sun

    The sun is one of the most positive cards in the entire tarot deck. It represents fun, emotion and positivity in life. The sun represents the light in the path of our lives.

    When this letter appears reversed, we must think about scarcity, depression and insecurity. This orientation is associated with the feeling of seeing everything gray without finding one’s own way.

  • Arcano n° 20: The judgment

    The judgment card represents the lucidity of thought, absolution and triumph. This arcane also includes the control of emotions, unlike justice, which only focuses on the management of reason.

    If this card appears reversed in a roll, the conflict with deep self-esteem arises. When self-esteem is low, doubts and shyness appear in the foreground.

  • Arcano n° 21: The World

    The card of the world is associated with the completion of stages in life. It is also associated with travel and personal fulfillment. This letter communicates many successes and achievements.

    When the world appears inverted we must understand the lack of realization, indecision, and the inconsistent belief of imbalance. The sensation resembles that of being inside an enclosure from which there is no escape.

  • Arcano n° 22: The Fool

    The madman represents spontaneity and freedom of spirit. This arcane points us towards energy and decision-making without meditating, on which it gives us a touch of attention.

    Although the inverted madman is also associated with the need to change, it comes along with insecurity and resistance to such change. Both orientations indicate that important decisions can be considered.


tarot cards minor arcana meanings

The minor arcana are the 56 cards of the deck grouped in four suits: golds, cups, swords and clubs. In some variants of the deck other symbols can be used for the clubs, as in the case of the French deck with spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds.

There are ten numbered cards in each suit in addition to the figures, jack, knight, queen and king.

All cards in the deck have a meaning associated with their numbering, the stick they belong to or the figure they represent. With the minor arcana we have to take these characteristics into account in order to understand their interpretation.

For example, the king of gold represents rich men while the ace of gold represents new jobs. Numbering has great importance in the interpretation of letters.


The Clubs of the Minor Arcana

ach of the suits has a meaning associated with its symbolism. The cups are associated with love, happiness and fertility.

The golds, as expected, mean wealth, money and luck in business or play. The coarse communicate work, professional success and own initiatives. Finally, the swords are the obstacles, the pains and the blows of life that present themselves to us as impediments on the road.

GOLDS: Golds represent money, property, luck, business, etc. They are also associated with productive work and realization in the activities undertaken. They are related in turn to summer and youth.

CUPS: The cups represent the new in life, love, happiness, relationships, etc. They are associated with the emotional and spiritual plane of a person. They are associated with winter and with old age in life.

SWORDS: The swords represent the adversities that we must overcome in life, conflicts and misunderstandings. They are also related to studies to assume challenges to overcome. They are associated with a person’s autumn and childhood.

COARSE: Coarse represents work and labor issues. They can include travel, projects, movement and necessary changes in the labor and professional field. It is associated with the spring and maturity of a person.

The Numbers of the Minor Arcana

The numbers of the minor arcana are the remaining 40 cards of the tarot deck grouped in the four suits of golds, cups, clubs and swords of the Spanish deck.

There are cards numbered from 1 to 10 in each suit (adding a total of 40 cards with numbering). The numbered cards are one (or as), two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.

The characters of the minor arcana

The characters of the minor arcana are 12 cards, also divided into four suits: golds, cups, clubs and swords.

The people are the sotas, the knights, the queens and the kings.

The sotas represent the adolescents willing to undertake new challenges while the gentlemen are young with ambition to progress in one area.

Queens are women with a certain position in society and kings represent men who have triumphed in some aspect of life.

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