Gypsy Tarot

The gypsy tarot is a deck with its own cards. This deck has different cards than other tarots, being its archetypes more mundane or simple. Some of the most typical cards of the gypsy tarot are: Good Man, A Long Way, Sad Thoughts, The Judgment and Rich Girl among others.

The figures in the gypsy tarot are simple to understand and facilitate interpretation to the inexperienced in cartomancy. Next, we analyze the details of a personal roll with the gypsy tarot.

Gypsy Tarot Reading

Although the gypsy tarot is a quite intuitive deck, the interpretations must be done by an expert in the cards to get as much information as possible from the query. Fortunately, you also have free custom runs, like the one we offer on this page.

You only need to click on 4 of the 22 cards in the deck to know the interpretation of your throw. You will be able to know information about the PAST, the ME (consultant), the OTHER PERSON and the FUTURE, according to the order of the chosen letters that appear on your print run.

Choose 4 from 22 cards


Free Gypsy Tarot

The combination of cards in a gypsy tarot roll influences the interpretation, just as happens with other decks. With only four cards you can receive a personal query with this deck. The gypsy tarot consultation online is free. The major arcana of the deck, the first 22 cards, are used for the interpretation of your destiny. The remaining 14 arcana are not included, since their importance is less.

Online Gypsy Tarot

The online gypsy tarot provides an alternative interpretation of the fate to the traditional tarot. You can check both your past and your future, as well as the status of your relationships, just by choosing four cards from the gypsy deck. The gypsy tarot is particularly interesting for having unique cards with deep meanings that do not appear in other tarot decks. Before choosing the cards you should take a moment to meditate on the selection.

Free Online Gypsy Tarot

The gypsy tarot is recommended for those people who have ties with the gypsy world or want to be influenced by it. The gypsy tarot roll is available to solve your doubts with the cards of this deck. The figures in the gypsy deck allow us to understand with great ease the concepts associated with interpretation. By doing a tarot test, you can reflect and discover aspects of your inner self that you did not know about until now.