Gypsy Tarot Cards meanings list

The gypsy tarot is a deck composed of 36 cards grouped into two groups, the first 22 cards and the last 14 cards. Due to the influence of diverse cultures in the gypsy people, the images in this deck are easy to recognize and interpret with the naked eye, since they represent archetypes of common life. Next, we analyze the characteristics of the entire gypsy tarot deck in detail.

Arcana Gypsy Tarot

In the gypsy tarot deck there are 22 main major arcana that represent archetypes with great symbolism. In addition, there are 14 major secondary arcana that provide extra details to the tarot. The 22 major arcana are the most determining when interpreting the destiny of a person according to the result of a roll. Only 4 cards are needed for a roll with the gypsy tarot: the first describes the past, the second describes the consultant, the third describes another person and the fourth describes what the future holds.

Major Arcana of the Gypsy Tarot

The major arcana of the gypsy tarot are the first 22 cards of the deck. These cards have a deep meaning when they appear on a roll. There are positive letters, such as The Marriage or The Encounter, neutral, such as Death or Judgment, and negative, including The False Person or The Sad News.

The gypsy tarot is different from other decks that are used for divination both in the cards and in their meaning. Do you want to know what each of these letters tells you if it appears in a query? Keep reading to learn the meaning of the cards in this deck. If you want to know the concrete meaning of a card of the gypsy tarot deck, you can also click on any of the following links.

  • Arcano n° 1: Main Female Person

    It is a positive card that represents the consultant in the event that whoever consults is a man is the woman most attached to him, being able to be a friend, his mother, his partner, etc. This letter indicates about the person who can influence your destiny.

  • Arcano n° 2: Main Male Person

    It is a positive card that represents the consultant in case of being a man. For a woman, he is the man closest to her, such as her husband, partner, etc. It is a letter that indicates the influence of a person in your future.

  • Arcano n° 3: The Ocean

    This card is positive with several meanings that represents the distant, the foreigner or the hope. It also has the meaning of deepening in an area of life, such as sentimental. At work, it implies starting new projects and in money, it represents luxury and opulence. It is a letter with a broad meaning that must be interpreted with the others of the roll.

  • Arcano n° 4: The judge

    The judge is a neutral card that implies having to face a matter. The actions you should take may not be to your liking, but they are necessary to resolve the conflict. It can be someone with whom you cannot speak in privacy, problems with legal solution, or a discussion that you must resolve.

  • Arcano n° 5: A long journey

    A long road is a neutral card. As the name implies, it implies a long period of time of at least a couple of years. It suggests that a decision should be seen in the long term or refers to a period of time that you have already traveled, for example in a job in which you have been exercising for some time. Overall, this letter recommends patience and planning for success.

  • Arcano n° 6: Good Man

    This card is positive. He refers to a man of at least 30 years who is mature. He is a trustworthy person who can help you, he can be a relative or a stranger. This letter warns about the influence this man can have on your future.

  • Arcano n° 7: A theft

    It is a negative card. While sometimes it is not bad that something disappears, this letter can also represent deception, bad luck or a dismissal. A robbery can also communicate that someone wants to take something away from you, that you will have a loss or decrease, etc. You could even be wasting your time or mistreating your body and this card gives you a touch of attention on the roll.

  • Arcano n° 8: The Marriage

    Marriage is a positive card. If you do not have a partner, this letter indicates that you will find one soon. Relationships become deeper, a lasting relationship begins, there is a wedding or a serious relationship. At work, it means becoming a member or member of a family business. It also tells us that we should review the key aspects of current relationships to determine whether we should maintain them or terminate them for our good.

  • Arcano n° 9: Good lady

    It is a positive card. He is a trusted person for the consultant, such as mother, sister, friend, etc. That supports you. It is usually a good influence for you and can even be your partner. This woman helps you and usually has a positive influence to support you in different aspects of your life. According to the letters that accompany it in the roll, this card influences different areas.

  • Arcano n° 10: Sad thougths

    It is a negative card. This letter appears to warn you that you should pay attention and be careful, as there are negative influences that are affecting you. You must be careful with the decisions you make and be cautious in love relationships. In addition, you should delve into the problems of your life because there may be lies and deceptions hiding the truth. It is a letter with a very negative influence that should be a wake-up call for you.

  • Arcano n° 11: Unexpected money

    This arcane is a positive letter. There are issues that improve in your life, such as good purchases or investments. You may receive money back that you were not waiting for. Contracts, business, and other ways to earn money are in sight. At work, this letter implies that you will have a raise. It is also possible for someone to give you money to help you achieve a goal.

  • Arcano n° 12: Big Fortune

    It is one of the positive cards that reduces the negative effect of the other cards in the rolls. It presents the arrival of good news and an improvement of your current situation in general. In love, it will allow you to start lasting relationships with a good footing. On the other hand, at work they will improve sales and income. You may even be lucky in any other area of your life.

  • Arcano n° 13: The judgment

    The Judgment is a neutral card, it can bring good or bad news. It recommends you listen to your voice to make thoughtful decisions. In general, it is a letter that gives you a touch of attention on decision making in all areas of your life. If you don’t have to make the decision now, the occasion will come soon. Whether in love or in another area, you will have to solve a specific situation. It may involve administrative or legal processes.

  • Arcano n° 14: Nice card

    This is a positive card, especially if those that accompany it do not bring too negative news that can diminish its good effect. In the workplace it is related to promotions and progression in the workplace. In general, good news can be expected by any means that will improve the current trend of an area in the life of the consultant.

  • Arcano n° 15: Mister good and rich

    It is a letter with positive influence related to companies and work. This figure represents a man with influence from the consultant’s environment, such as a boss, a colleague, etc. The news that arrives will be positive both in studies, as in love or other areas of life. However, one should not only think about the material, since time should also be devoted to the emotional aspect.

  • Arcano n° 16: Penalties and Dislikes

    This is a negative card as expected. There are a lot of problems that have accumulated due to being looking the other way for quite some time. These difficulties can be caused by oneself or others. It is recommended to hold on to something positive so as not to lose the course of life and make decisions that lead to your progress. Do not despair in the face of adversity, but you must seek a solution even if you need to ask for help.

  • Arcano n° 17: A military

    This card is positive and is associated with a professional who wears a uniform to perform his duties. It can be a close person who plays an important role in our life. In the field of love, it is an informal relationship in which you can enjoy a lot without long-term plans. In case there are issues with authorities, everything will be fine if you let yourself be guided and supported by those who accompany you.

  • Arcano n° 18: Make lots of money

    It is a very positive card that symbolizes victory. As expected, it may involve obtaining a large amount of money or acquiring a valuable object. These are often money matters, such as inheritance procedures or others. In love, it is a relationship that fills you emotionally and at work it is a raise.

  • Arcano n° 19: Disease

    It is a card with negative effects that warns of a situation of vulnerability. Businesses are not going well and possessions can be broken, like a car breakdown. In the sentimental indicates sporadic sexual encounters. However, the effects are temporary and you don’t have to get discouraged to be able to overcome effectively when the bad streak passes.

  • Arcano n° 20: Rich Girl

    This is a positive card that refers to an inexperienced young woman. When it appears, warn of a good run that you should take advantage of. You can have a good time and enjoy. In love it indicates a young lover with whom there is a marked difference in age. In the workplace everything flows smoothly and economically everything goes well. It warns you to measure yourself of excesses and not sin of excessive naivety.

  • Arcano n° 21: A Little boy

    This card is positive and brings something new. You can indicate that the first steps to start something new have already been taken. In case the personal and love letters are close, this letter points to pregnancy. The consultant may meet new people, start a new job or start his own company.

  • Arcano n° 22: Sad News

    As the name implies, it is a negative card. It brings disappointment, sadness, pain, etc. Health problems, pain and complications with diseases are possible. It also communicates conflicts with bosses and / or colleagues or that a job application is rejected. The positive

Rest of Major Arcana of the Gypsy Tarot

The rest of the major arcana of the gypsy tarot also have a meaning, but in this case, less relevant on the throws. Next, we present a brief description of the next 14 cards in this deck with details on the influences that may arise in the interpretation.

23 – House

The House is associated with a stable situation in any field. It is a letter with positive influence that communicates a period of tranquility.

24 – One death

A death is a neutral letter, it does not always mean something bad. Friendships or jobs that end. This letter brings change.

25 – A trip

A trip implies a path that you must travel in any medium. It is a positive letter that calls for displacement.

26 – A gift

A gift is a positive letter that softens the bad. It brings good encounters and unexpected visits. It is a letter with good luck.

27 – Work

Work or Occupation is a positive letter that is associated with the entry of money and a level of employment in the workplace.

28 – A change

A change is a positive letter that can relate people or issues. You need to accept the change that you have in front of you.

29 – Prison

Jail or prison is a negative letter that means loneliness. Whether due to illness or other reasons, there is little communication with the outside.

30 – Meeting

Encuentro is a positive letter that is associated with the invitation to a special occasion. It can be an appointment or work, you must go.

31 – Living room

Living room is a positive letter that communicates waiting in a life setting. You must have patience in this time without news.

32 – Hope

Hope is neutral. You must keep waiting without acting so that things follow their own course. You can not rush matters.

33 – Honors

Honors is a positive card that brings success and victory. You will achieve your goals and the results raised due to your effort.

34 – Your thoughts

His Thoughts is a neutral influence letter that is associated with the internal self of the client. Meditation or insecurity. Its effect depends on the adjacent cards.

35 – False person

The False Person is a negative letter that warns of jealousy, intrigues and falsehoods. Misunderstandings of a couple Accident or material damage.

36 – Good ending in love

Good ending in love is a positive letter that warns about matters that will be resolved well. Good close environment and stability of couple.

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