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The Egyptian tarot is one of the most recognized tarots in the world of esotericism and cartomancy. This deck is composed of 78 cards (22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana) that represent archetypes by ancient figures full of meaning and historical context.

The figures of the Egyptian tarot cards are easily recognized with a basic knowledge of Egyptology and the culture. The major arcana represent the same figures as the major arcana of Marseille, with some of the most popular being the following: the Devil, the Lovers, the Force, the World and the Magician.

Egyptian Tarot Readings Online

The roll works in a similar way to that of other card decks. The consultant must choose 7 of the 22 letters to obtain the personal interpretation about his: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE, PROTECTION, ANCESTORS, RELATIONSHIP and DESTINATION.

Each card has a spiritual and divinatory meaning that is used in the study of the circulation. Before making thetest, we recommend that you shuffle and cut the cards to obtain a more accurate result.

Choose 7 of 22 cards


Free Online Egypt Tarot 

It is free, unlike other types of tarot, such as telephone or face-to-face, for which you have to pay the expert tarotist.

The cards deck have symbols that help to understand the meaning of each card, whose background connects with astrology and Kabbalah.

In addition to the symbols, the cards show figures from mythology that contribute to the interpretation of the circulation.

The deck will allow you to know and interpret different areas of your life with the help of ancient figures.

The major arcana of the deck will show you different aspects of your life, your task being to interpret the circulation to relate it to your personal situation.

The Egyptian culture is one of the oldest and, therefore, has a great astrological and cartomancy tradition behind it. It benefits from all this baggage to communicate interpretations loaded with meaning through the throws.

And is that if you want to know what the future will bring and want to know you and enlighten you inside, you must use the deck to solve your existential doubts.

The Egyptian deck has a great advantage and that is that it was one of the first decks used for the interpretation of key aspects of people’s lives. It sets a precedent in history by providing one of the first reading techniques of the future that has lasted to this day.

Many consultants are interested in this tarot for the culture associated with their cards. The Egyptians flourished as a culture for millennia and, thanks to the tarot, we can benefit from their mystical and divinatory knowledge.

Make a test and discover how the ancient pharaohs had such a full knowledge of their existence.

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