Egyptian Tarot Cards Meanings and Deck List

Egyptian tarot cards

The Egyptian tarot is one of the decks that is used in the interpretation of the past, present and future. It is considered one of the most accurate cards in divination being the one with more tradition due to its age.

This deck has influenced other decks with the passage of time. Based on Egyptian motifs and mythology, it is one of the cards with the most background in the practice of cartomancy.

Egyptian Tarot Arcana

The arcana of the Egyptian tarot convey a great deal of information about the designs of the future. The deck is composed of 22 major arcana and unlike other decks, this deck does not have the four suits (gold, cups, swords and clubs) that are common, but has 56 extra characters represented by the minor arcana. In addition, the Egyptian tradition adds a mystical air to the meaning of the card of this tarot deck.

Egyptian Tarot Major Arcana

The major arcana of this deck are the first 22 cards in the deck. These cards have more meaning than the minor arcana since they are the main cards of the deck.

While there are positive and negative cards in the list, we must always take into account the combination in the test to determine the message they communicate to us.

All these cards are characterized by figures from Egyptian mythology. These mythical characters convey a spiritual meaning and also communicate astrological information. Next, we present detailed information on each of the cards that belong to the group of the major arcana of the Egyptian tarot deck.

  • Arcano n° 1: The Fool

    The Fool is the card that represents the duality between maturity and folly in youth. His spontaneity leads him along the path of good decisions despite poor meditation. You travel aimlessly through life and you must have moderation with spontaneity. You must find the balance between decision meditation and freedom of spirit. This card gives you a touch of attention to the importance of finding a direction in your life.

  • Arcano n° 2: The Magician

    The creative wizard allows us to master the material obstacles that are presented to us in life. It transmits the capacity to develop our passions as well as the necessary force to face the difficulties that are presented to us. The ability to decipher mysteries and deepen them is presented. This card also presents the beginning of initiatives, ventures and new social relationships in your life.

  • Arcano n° 3: The priestess

    This card tells us that anyone who knows how to walk through life can find favorable situations as they progress. It is the duality between man and woman in harmony with understanding between the sexes. It also tells us about the relationships between the physical, the mental and the spiritual. It is related to the chemistry between opposites and the tension they can present in their relationships.

  • Arcano n° 4: The Empress

    This card represents the vital energy. It represents the action and the force that allows to carry out a company, that is to say, to reach an objective. In physical, it refers to the acts you perform to achieve your goals. It also refers to the driving force that is needed to get out of life’s difficulties. This card is related to the creation and renewal of things.

  • Arcano n° 5: The Emperor

    This card represents the ability to master any aspect of your life. It represents authority, power and will. Absolute domination within tangible and imperceptible reality. You will be able to accomplish any task on the mental plane by simply putting your heart on what you are doing. This card predicts economic achievements and ventures that you must conquer with effort.

  • Arcano n° 6: The Hierophant

    The Hierarch, the Pope, the High Priest or the Hierophant is the card that brings us good news from an area of our life. It represents the management of the passions that are necessary in life, as well as the freedom that discipline gives us. It predicts new experiences that may be beneficial for you but you must be careful with the risks that they may entail. Do not forget the help of your friends and loved ones.

  • Arcano n° 7: The Lovers

    Indecision, The Lover or Lovers is the card that invites you to choose between two options. It is related to the love and sentimental field frequently and is presented as an impulse to progress in your life. It brings us privileges that we should enjoy but with it come responsibilities that we must also face with determination. You must choose with meditation on how you want to direct your relationships.

  • Arcano n° 8: The Carriage

    The carriage or the win is the card that represents successes. However, these wins will not always come effortlessly. In both the physical and spiritual fields, the results should guide you in your learning. You will have the strength to act but you must keep up the effort in your ventures. The moral that communicates this letter revolves around the fact that the best results come with hard work.

  • Arcano n° 9: The Strength

    Justice, The Arcane of Job or The Force represents knowledge based on the wisdom of a person. You must base your decisions on knowledge to avoid impulsivity. There will be a period of retribution in which you can restore an area of your life to maintain balance. Although some decisions are difficult to make, you will not receive a punishment or negative effect in any case.

  • Arcano n° 10: The hermit

    The Hermitage, The Hermit or Inaction is the card that communicates discretion in the mental realm and wisdom in the spiritual. Call the social approach on your part, as you could have neglected some relationships. Also, on the physical ground it means the end of an era. This letter is related to the introspection and self-knowledge of a person, which help to grow inwardly, but should not be exaggerated.

  • Arcano n° 11: The Wheel of Fortune

    Retribution or the Wheel of Fortune is a card that brings us compensation. It is the movement and action that moves life constantly. It takes us to action on the physical plane and on a day to day basis. This card can communicate good or bad luck depending on its orientation or the cards that appear next to it in the roll. It recommends you learn from the past and keep on rolling your way.

  • Arcano n° 12: Justice

    Persuasion or the Tamed Lion is the card of conviction. It presents the necessary strength to maintain the mood during the negotiations. It means intelligence, the ability to create and faith to follow the path despite the difficulties. Although sufferings and adversities come you can cope with hard work on your part. There may be family issues that you should help overcome.

  • Arcano n° 13: The hung

    The Apostolate, The Sacrifice or the Hung is a card that represents an accomplished action. Despite the pain that a decision may cause, it must be taken for the sake of oneself if it is the right thing to do. This letter invites us to meditate on the decisions we must make in our lives. Maybe you should consider some degree of sacrifice to achieve the goals you want.

  • Arcano n° 14: The Death

    Immortality, Death and Resurrection is a card that presents us with the constant renewal in life. It symbolizes the rebirth and renewal that are key in existence. In the spiritual, this letter calls for the constant progression that is achieved through the internal enrichment of the person. In the physical, this letter indicates the end of all things that give way to others. It is the cycle of life in all areas.

  • Arcano n° 15: Temperance

    Temperance, or Marriage is a card that represents the conflict between virtues, action or ideas. That is, it communicates to us about the internal conflicts that we may have and that stop us when making decisions in life. While it is necessary to meditate on the most important decisions of our lives, we must never let doubts prevent us from fulfilling our obligations or responsibilities to keep moving forward.

  • Arcano n° 16: The Devil

    The Passion, Typhoon Baphomet or the Devil is the letter that represents the conflict of a person’s passions. Despite the internal confrontation that we must face, we must find a way to get out of these situations. You must be careful with out of control desires and excessive passion in some area of your life. This letter is a wake-up call to moderation and balance.

  • Arcano n° 17: The Tower

    The Tower is the card of divine acts. It is the prediction of the incomprehensible acting in our lives. A series of difficult to understand events will begin to act without our being able to avoid it. We must face this situation with hope, as there may be positive consequences despite accidents or unforeseen events. After difficult times there may come a period of happiness in which you can recover.

  • Arcano n° 18: The Star

    Hope or the star is a card with good omens. The previous events trigger great optimism in the physical plane. This letter means enlightenment and the beginning of good times. However, you must act with restraint and wisdom to be able to enjoy the moments of satisfaction that will come in this period. You will leave with a greater strength of this good period. You must make thoughtful decisions to take advantage of it.

  • Arcano n° 19: The Moon

    The Twilight or Hidden Enemies is the card of the Moon, which presents us with a path of discovery of mysteries. The danger is near, but you must be patient to solve the problems that are lurking in your surroundings in any area of your life. You move along the line between success and failure, where only your good judgment can take you on the best path to your personal progress.

  • Arcano n° 20: The Sun

    Inspiration or The Radiant Sun is one of the most positive cards in the deck. The creative force of life guides us on our path. This divine light will take you along a path that you must travel with the wind in your favor. You can strengthen yourself with the winds of change and you must take advantage to learn from the experience. Your ideas materialize in actions on the physical plane.

  • Arcano n° 21: The Judge

    The Resurrection or Judgment is a card that conveys the awakening of your spirituality. The designs provide you with a spiritual growth for which you must trust trusted friends and close loved ones. A maturity path awaits you in which your initiatives will be successful. The transformation of your life may lead you to a state of greater well-being that can cause jealousy in others.

  • Arcano n° 22: The World

    The Return, The Truth or The World is the letter that reminds us that life always implies movement. Everything you have today will change at some point, it is the cycle of life. Experiences lived can help you grow in spirit and you must do it to focus with your soul on the projects you are doing to succeed.

Egyptian Tarot Minor Arcana meanings and list

The other cards of the Egyptian tarot deck, those considered as minor arcana, also have a meaning, but this contributes less relevance since they are used to know specific details of the person and not general aspects.

These letters enrich the interpretation in the physical and spiritual plane. They also transmit information about the terrestrial scopes of the consultant’s life. Let’s see the list.

23 – The farmer

The Labrador transmits the ability to cultivate with effort to reap the results of your dedication in life.

24 – Laboriousness

The Weaver or The Laboriousness is the letter that reminds us of the importance of dedicating ourselves daily to work.

25 – The traveler

The Traveler or The Argonaut represents the search for the unknown. It is the possibility of traveling and discovering new places.

26 – Fortune

The Prodigy or La Fortuna is someone’s personal accomplishment. You must accept the changes of life to progress.

27 – The unforeseen

The Unforeseen or the Unexpected is the letter that brings with it what has not yet been noticed. You must expect changes in your life.

28 – Despair

Despair or Uncertainty means the capacity for self-determination. Do not let doubts hold you back in the progress.

29 – The tranquility

Tranquility or Domesticity is related to persuasion as a resource to achieve objectives. You must be careful with this method.

30 – The trade

The Trade or Exchange seeks reciprocity in transactions. Find the balance in communications and business resolution.

31 – The difficulties

Difficulties or Impediments represent the ability to overcome obstacles in life. Be careful with negative people.

32 – Generosity

Generosity or Magnificence represents the ability to discern what is right and what is valuable from what is not. You have to be cautious with conflicts.

33 – The agreements

The Agreements or The Alliance connects two people. This letter refers to the commitment and affinity in a couple.

34 – The change

Change or Innovation represents change. You must stay calm to face new situations and get it right.

35 – The sadness

La Tristeza or El Desconsuelo is personal consternation. Despite the unexpected, you must stand firm to cope.

36 – The war

War or Initiation is the renewal of powers. You will have to overcome obstacles or conflicts to achieve your goals.

37 – The art

Art and Science is the personal creativity to innovate. You can start your projects using your ability to create.

38 – Infidelity

Infidelity or Duplicity is the contradiction between lack of control and moderation. You need the balance to live in stability.

39 – The inheritance

The Heritage or the Testimony is the arrival of material goods. They can also be relationships that are delayed or conflicts of adultery.

40 – The feeling

The Presentimiento or El Desasosiego is the impatience of a person. There will be complicated situations that will cause contradictory feelings.

41 – Anguish

Anguish or Preeminence is the impatience of a person. It represents the search for improvement despite obstacles.

42 – The constancy

The Preeminence or La Constancia recognizes the existence of the supreme. Unexpected adventures, triumphs and good news if you let yourself be guided.

43 – The hallucination

The hallucination is the enthusiasm in life. Prosperity in business, conflicts to resolve to enjoy the advantages.

44 – Thought

Thought is the ability to create intangible things. Seeks understanding to overcome complex conflicts.

45 – Regeneration

Regeneration presents the ability to heal you after the damage caused by suffering. You should trust the people nearby.

46 – The heritage

Heritage is the conservation of goods. It can also imply intangible things. You must resolve misunderstandings to stabilize yourself.

47 – The conjecture

The Conjecture is the letter of learning through personal inspiration. You move between happiness and sadness, you must meditate your actions.

48 – The achievement

Consummation or Achievement is the achievement of objectives. Determination will allow you to achieve your goals.

49 – Duplicity

Versatility or Duplicity is the connection between two processes. The change brings renewal. You must prepare to face it.

50 – The rapport

Affinity or Competency represents emotions. You must be careful with the imprudence at all times.

51 – The advice

The Advice represents the advice. It implies the responsible use of knowledge to guide other people.

52 – The forecast

The Forecast or Premeditation implies studied action. You must use your ability to analyze your decisions.

52 – Revenge

Resentment or Revenge represents who acts in self-defense. The act of revenge can bring reprisals, be careful.

54 – The study

The Study or The Exam is the path to a resolution. Represent acts based on justice that you can look for in your path.

55 – Repentance

Contrition or Repentance reminds you that you can accept the mistake. You will have to work to fix complicated situations.

56 – The search

The Search or The Pilgrimage is the journey towards cleaning the interior of a person. You will have to find your balance despite the difficulties.

57 – The rivalry

Rivalry presents you with the ability to deal with conflicts. We must stand firm to reach a solution to these fights.

58 – The retraining

Retraining is the letter related to the evaluation of past events. You must be alert to the dangers that lie ahead in your life.

59 – The discovery

Revelation or Discovery is the ability to perceive what was hidden. Be careful with the secrets you reveal.

60 – Progress

Evolution or Progress is the act of transformation. The changes in your life will bring good and bad.

61 – Loneliness

Soledad is the ability to grow in self-knowledge. You must have an appropriate behavior to achieve your goals.

62 – The authority

The Authority or The Prohibition symbolizes the ability to drive away that which has the potential to harm us.

63 – The Communion

The Communion represents collaboration. There will be affinity in friendship and commercial relationships that you will have to administer.

64 – Condescension

Vehemence or Condescension is the desire of a person. You must control yourself so as not to take you in the wrong direction.

65 – Learning

It is the act of teaching and also of caution. Learn from your experiences.

66 – The perplexity

Perplexity represents indecision in life. Meditate your decisions to follow a good path.

67 – Friendship

Friendship represents the affection that is necessary and must be maintained with trusted friends. Take away bad influences.

68 – Investment

Also known as La Especulación, this letter reminds you to value things with good judgment.

69 – Chance

It is the ability to transcend in your knowledge. Great rewards can come with luck.

70 – The help

Also known as La Cooperación, it is the letter of support. You must overcome the difficulties with help.

71 – Greed

Greed or greed represents excessive ambition. You will be at risk and you will have to face it with caution.

72 – The purification

Purification purifies your soul. You can be victorious if you try your best. Meditate acquisitions.

73 – Love and desire

It is the satisfaction of feeling. Abandon unfair friends and work in worthwhile relationships.

74 – The offering

The Offering is an appropriate act. Abundance, successful projects and good results.

75 – The cast

Generosity is selfless action. Helping others will enrich you as a person.

76 – The dispenser

The Dispenser is the benevolence of a person. You must manage your resources to be fair and reach the balance.

77 – Bewilderment

Disorientation or bewilderment calls for reflection. Meditate your steps to overcome obstacles and get well stopped.

78 – The Renaissance

The Renaissance is the action supported in the initiation. You follow a path through which you will have good fortune. You must strive to make it last.

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