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The tarot of angels is a deck of 78 cards (22 major arcana and 56 major arcana) that serves to interpret the areas of a person’s life, his past, his present and his future. These cards have decorations and angelic motifs in their figures.

The tarot cards of the angels are grouped into the following types of figures: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations, virtues, principalities, messengers, ninth choir, archangels, representative angels and negative angels.

Each one of the tarot cards of the angels has a determined meaning that allows us to know certain information of the query in the interpretation.


Free Tarot Card reading angels

7 of the 22 cards that you must choose in an angels’ tarot will communicate information about your PAST, your PRESENT, your FUTURE, the ANGEL THAT REPRESENTS YOU, the ANGEL GUIDE, your ANGEL OF THE GUARD and the ANGEL OF YOUR ANCESTORS.

After choosing the seven cards you will see the interpretation of your throw for each of the mentioned aspects. There are cards that communicate positive news, such as Cupid or the Fairies. But there are also those that bring with them negative influences associated with Lucifer and his negative angels.



Free Angels Tarot Readings

Make a free tarot reading of angels and know which is your guardian or protector angel. In addition, you will be able to know which is the angel that represents you, the angel that serves as your guide and the angel associated with your ancestors.

Each figure in the deck communicates an angel message that we must take into account in life. Therefore, the tarot of the angels helps us understand how we should face life in the most convenient way for our destiny.

The tarot of the angels is available online, making a run of this tarot that allows you to know what to expect in the future as well as analyze various aspects of your life, both the present and the past.

With an angelic consultation, you will be able to know which angels are present in your life to help you and which are to make it more difficult for you.

The angels’ tarot is very popular because the cards in this deck have a deep meaning that guides you on your way. They not only show you what is to come, but propose ways to combat the obstacles that come your way.


Free Online Angels Tarot

Tarot of the angels online is available to solve all the doubts that you pose about your life. You will see the interpretation of the cards once you have selected the seven cards needed to make the roll. You must meditate a few seconds before making the choice of the cards so that the throw is more accurate.

The tarot deck of the angels is not always easy to understand. The circulation should not be interpreted individually, letter by letter, but should be interpreted as a whole, that is, taking into account all the cards.

Therefore, we help you to have a personal consultation with our letter interpreter so that you only have to worry about following the tarot advice.

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