Angels Tarot Cards Meanings List

Angels tarot card meaning

The tarot of the angels is a deck of 78 cards that is divided into 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. Each of the cards has a positive, neutral or negative meaning.

They transmit a message to the consultant and provide information about a sphere of life. In a run, the cards that appear from the tarot of the angels inform you about all the areas of your life.

Arcane Tarot card meaning and list

The cards of this deck are grouped into categories, being divided into major arcana and minor arcana. The major arcana are:

  • the seraphim (1 to 3),
  • the cherubs (4 to 6),
  • the thrones (7 to 9),
  • the dominations (10 to 12),
  • the virtues (13 to 18)
  • and the principalities (19 to twenty-one).

Among the minor arcana from letter no. 22:

  • the messengers (22 to 24),
  • the ninth choir (25 to 27),
  • the archangels (from 28 to 37),
  • the representative angels (38 to 66),
  • and the angels negative or extraterrestrials under Lucifer (from 67 to 78).

Angels Tarot Major Arcana meaning and list

The major arcana inform us of the designs of the destination according to the order in which they appear in a run and how the cards are placed on the table.

Seven letters are needed to determine the past, the present, the future, the representative angel, the leading angel, the guardian angel and the angel of the ancestors of a person.

Next, we present all the tarot cards of the angels so you can understand their basic meaning. It should be noted that the letters communicate a lot of information in the performance of a tarot reading.

Continue reading to see all the information of the cards or click on the name of the letter whose meaning you want to consult.

  • Arcano n° 1: The Seraph of Pure and High Love

    It represents the love of humanity. People inclined to do good should follow the advice of this angel. It is the purity of feeling and the will to do good deeds to help other people. You must act selflessly without expecting a reward in order to receive the well-being that good actions will provide you in return along your path.

  • Arcano n° 2: The healing Seraph

    This seraph is the cure of a disease. It protects the sick and gives them help when they need care. It also helps you cope with health difficulties. You should not lose hope on your path to recovery in your life. You can have a cure if you keep your faith firm on the path of medical treatment. Lean on loved ones.

  • Arcano n° 3: Seraph Cantor

    It is the representation of an artist with creative ability. It predicts a very good future if it appears in conjunction with the angel of love, even being able to announce a pregnancy. You must polish your artistic gifts to get the most out of your ability and let yourself be guided by inspiration. When it appears inverted it represents the sadness that dominates a person and the absence of motivational inspiration.

  • Arcano n° 4: Kerub Cherub

    He is the mediating angel who advises people. It helps to resolve the conflict in a satisfactory and peaceful way. If it appears the other way around, it represents the lack of support to deal with a problematic situation in your life. In that case you must find that help in your environment to be able to move forward in the face of inconveniences and adversities. It invites you to seek peace and harmony.

  • Arcano n° 5: Cherub Cherub

    Guardian angel. It symbolizes a person with judicial power, that is, someone who has protection in this area. When it appears inverted it represents the character of a conservative person with little tolerance. However, you should not exceed your help to loved ones or friends as it can cause depletion in your energies. Find balance in your close relationships.

  • Arcano n° 6: Long-lived Cherub

    This card represents the angel of life. It symbolizes someone with great experience in life who can advise other people on their way. Be careful, because if it appears upside down this letter notifies you of someone with incorrect and negative ideas. You must be cautious to accept the good but also discard the negative ideas that do not bring you anything good in life.

  • Arcano n° 7: Male / Female Throne

    This angel symbolizes someone with predetermined ideas. He is not someone who accepts change or other ideas other than what he believes. If it appears the other way around, it represents a person with wrong ideas that is not clear about what benefits him. You can make many mistakes. In this case, you must work to eliminate the negative prejudices of your life to avoid harming yourself.

  • Arcano n° 8: Creative Thrones

    This card represents someone with innovative ideas and a lot of creativity. When this letter appears inverted, it notifies you of a person with little creativity, who suffers paralysis due to projects initiated that have not come to fruition. You must keep the good creative ideas that can lead you in life. If you lack creativity you should look for it to be your guiding light.

  • Arcano n° 9: Thrones the Foreigners

    He is the one who announces changes. It is the representation of the power of a person’s mind. Someone who comes from afar will arrive to settle. If this card appears upside down it symbolizes someone with a confused mind and danger of falling into dangerous addictions. You must rely on your mental capacity to avoid addictions and vices that harm you.

  • Arcano n° 10: Yahriel Domination

    Represents an innate leader. In case it goes backwards, it refers to a tyrant, someone who cannot be fair from his situation of power. It is necessary that you strive to reach important positions, since they will not arrive on their own. You can become a good leader if you develop this ability over time.

  • Arcano n° 11: Chasmal Domination

    This card symbolizes a person with great passion. But it also represents an impulsive person. In case of investment of the letter, it can be a case of hysteria and loss of control in the actions. You must have the balance in your decisions because it is dangerous to get out of control or get carried away by impulsiveness in life

  • Arcano n° 12: Zadkiel Domination

    The angel of mercy. It is the figure of altruism and personal disinterest in favor of others. Therefore, if it appears the other way around, it represents the embodiment of selfishness. You must compensate your resources to be able to assist those who need it with disinterest. You must abandon selfishness and deception in your life to progress in your path harmoniously.

  • Arcano n° 13: Virtue Michael

    This angel shows the nobility and the good heart. It symbolizes the early arrival of help for well-being in your life. The best thing about this letter is that it has no other interpretation when it appears the other way around. You must let yourself be guided by your good heart to act in your life. You will see that the path of good will reward you in the long run and you will end up getting benefits

  • Arcano n° 14: Virtue Tarshish

    The guardian angel of Jesus Christ. You have the ability to watch over and take care of all your affections. You can defend and shelter each member of your family. It represents the protection that the family needs and therefore, you must take care of providing help to your loved ones in all aspects. This dedication will allow you to achieve rewards and happiness.

  • Arcano n° 15: Virtue Bariel

    The angel of courage. You must have the courage to make difficult decisions in your life that you will have to face. You need to have the necessary security to face these complicated situations on your way to get out well in the face of adversity. You need to develop confidence in the decisions you make to make good progress in your ventures.

  • Arcano n° 16: Power Camael

    This is the angel of duality and reconciliation. It symbolizes the balance of a person but also the ambiguity in their decisions. In the case of appearing inverted, this letter refers to a person with dishonesty. Within you is the ability to cope with life’s difficulties and you must find a way to stay focused

  • Arcano n° 17: Kemuel power

    This is the angel mediating good and evil. You move in the line that separates the right from the wrong, you must make a great effort not to go astray. Leave the blame behind you, look for the truth to keep moving forward as you meet new challenges. The reverse letter tells you that you do not accept advice and have difficult preconceived ideas to overcome.

  • Arcano n° 18: Power Sensiner

    This angel alerts us to the bad habits we have in life and refers to depression. When it appears inverted, this card symbolizes a number of losses both material and moral. This angel indicates that you must free yourself from the burden of bad habits to improve in life, avoiding everything that could harm you. Your heart will thank you.

  • Arcano n° 19: Principality Anael

    Angel of creation and sensuality. It represents physical beauty, love, and success in relationships. On the contrary it warns you of selfishness and pride in life. In addition, it alerts you to the appearance of a disease that will attack you. You must let love flow in your life in order to benefit from its positive effects.

  • Arcano n° 20: Hamiel Principality

    Led Enoch to Heaven. He is the spiritual counselor angel. That is why when it appears in investment it is a sign of confusion and lack of help in the spiritual realm. In case you appear with Lucifer or Rimmon, you can announce a disease as negative as cancer. Listen to your heart to get out of the confusion that can cloud your life.

  • Arcano n° 21: Principality Cervill

    This angel helped David against Goliath. This figure symbolizes friendship and help along with the necessary understanding in times of adversity. Upside down represents feelings of loneliness that can overwhelm you. This card recommends that you strengthen your friendship bonds to overcome adversities and leave loneliness behind in your life. Lean on close loved ones to progress on your path.

  • Arcano n° 22: Dobiel

    Dobiel Messenger of divine secrets. This card represents a person with a great capacity for understanding that can help. In inverted orientation represents a time of crisis and confused feelings. Abandon negative messages from your life and lean on the gift of the word to seek help when you need it.

Angels Tarot Minor Arcana meanings list

The minor arcana of the tarot of the angels have a great amount of useful and enriching information for the interpretation of the scopes of life, the present, the past and the future.

Among these minor arcana we have all the cards in the deck between number 23 and 78.

There are two messengers (letters # 23 and # 24), three ninth choirs (from 25 to 27), ten archangels (from 28 to 37), twenty-nine representative angels (from 38 to 66), and twelve negative or extraterrestrial angels commanding Lucifer (from 67 to 78).

Next, we present a brief description and meaning of each of these deck cards.

23 – The Angel Renueco

Angel messenger announcing a legacy that will come at some time not too distant.

24 – The Angel Sariel

Angel messenger announcing the discovery of a hidden secret for a long time.

25 – Zagzagel

This angel brings news related to medicine, in relation to cures and healings.

26 – Uriel

The angel of the keys warns you that you must take new paths and be careful with bad influences.

27 – Custodian of the cities

This angel, custodian of gates, watches over the communities that are under his charge.

28 – Archangel Michael

This figure represents justice and important changes in life. There will be a solution to your problems.

29 – Archangel Gabriel

It symbolizes the subconscious and the duality that you face between the good and the bad.

30 – Archangel Haniel

It is the good thing of life, like the love or harmony that you must seek to succeed.

31 – Archangel Rafael

This angel is the strength and brightness of a person. It represents leadership and nobility.

32 – Archangel Sariel

It is the command of God. The angels will be steadfast in their determination to put things in order.

33 – Arcángel Ragüel

He is the angel who gives advice to men to guide them on their way in life.

34 – Archangel Remiel

This angel represents the mercy of God showing that something has been hidden for a long time.

35 – Arcángel Raciel

He is the angel of secrets and mysteries. It reveals mysteries in the earthly and spiritual realm.

36 – Archangel Metatron

It is a link with God. It represents the greatness and strength that a person must have.

37 – Arcángel Amiel

Angel of the new. It announces changes to which you will have to adapt and unexplored lands to which you will go.

38 – Angels of Death

This figure announces a very abrupt change in your life. On the contrary it represents loss or failure.

39 – Battle Angels

It symbolizes the lack of fortune, fights and recurring conflicts. You will have to face the adversities.

40 – Fairy of Love

This angel symbolizes love and security. In case you have not arrived you will be able to discover these feelings.

41 – Fairy of Abundance

Good economic position and good times. You will receive wealth in abundance that you will have to take advantage of.

42 – Fairy of the Birth

Announces the birth of a child who is about to arrive. On the contrary, it represents problems that arrive.

43 – Gnome of Work

The effort brings good results that will make you happy. Rewards for the work done during time.

44 – Gnome Revoltoso

It represents hobbies and fun. Take advantage of the moment of fun and take advantage of the occasion.

45 – Ghost of Jealousy

Represents jealousy and insecurity in the life of a person, you must face these bad feelings.

46 – Angel Cupido

It represents love, balance and harmony in life. Receive these gifts and hug them with affection.

47 – Ancient of the days

It’s the common sense you need to resolve conflicts in life. Never leave aside the wisdom.

48 – Paradise

This angel tells you that you will have a favorable development in the ongoing relationships in your life.

49 – Angel of Judgment

It warns of the conscience and shows the beginning of a new stage in the mental aspect, a change of chip.

50 – Angel Solar

Peace of mind and good relations. You must support yourself in those who want you to progress and have stability.

51 – Angel Lunar

Tendency to the confused imagination of a person. This angel brings inspiration in the mental field.

52 – Angel of the disease

State of depression that overwhelms you, lack of health and need for treatment to regain health.

53 – Angel of Justice

Balance in life and advice from this angel. It can also bring separation news in a couple.

54 – The Elogim of Waters

It represents a balanced and sensitive person who must pay attention to their emotions in order to be happy.

55 – Angel Star

Hope and inspiration for the action you must perform. It is related to artistic skills.

56 – Angel of Love “Male”

Announce the arrival of a suitor to your life with whom you will have a sentimental relationship.

57 – Angel of love “Feminine”

It represents a woman in love who must decide with her head and heart to achieve her happiness.

58 – Angel of Envy

It is the arrival of a person with bad intentions, announces the dangers of envy.

59 – Angel of the Sacrifice

Doubts and indecisions in the affective field. It represents the sacrifices you will have to face in life.

60 – Angel of the Sons

Represents the client’s children. It can also symbolize the children who are coming.

61 – Angel of the Ascension

It represents the wisdom you need to achieve to rise as a person and become richer as a result.

62 – Angel del Trono “Feminine”

It represents a woman with great practical knowledge who should be able to face her difficulties in life.

63 – Angel of the Throne “Male”

It symbolizes a man with great expertise who must use his knowledge to advance in life.

64 – Sexual Grigori

It is the success you will achieve with physical beauty. It is also associated with sexuality and passion in the person’s life.

65 – Grigori “Material Power”

He is a materialistic and ambitious person. You must control the ambition so that it does not go out of control in your life.

66 – Grigori of Power “Power and Force”

They are the successes that you can achieve by force or with the use of power. Find the balance so that good times are lasting.

67 – Lucifer

Material power and successes that are achieved illegally. Be careful with the wrong way, it is tempting but it has a high price.

68 – Abadon

Person without firmness who lets himself be dragged by the events of his life without imposing himself. You must have personality and decide for yourself.

69 – Samael. The Angel of Temptation

It represents people with too many vices. You must find balance in your life by escaping temptation.

70 – Mastema. The Sorcerer Angel

He is a person who does magic or believes in the occult. The effects of the letter vary according to the others that appear in the print run.

71 – Carniveau. The Prince of the Flies

Person of very unstable character that you should not trust completely. Be careful with negative people.

72 – Mammon. The Angel of Greed and Greed

It represents greed and greed in a person. You must have moderation in the amount you treasure the goods to avoid suffering the bad consequences.

73 – Kemuel. The Angel that prevents the giving of the Torah to Moses

They are the delays, complications and adversities. You must focus on finding a solution to your problems with effort and skill.

74 – Adrameleck. Angel King of Fire

Anxiety, anguish and alteration in a person. You must be careful with these negative feelings to redirect your path.

75 – Dubbiel. The Angel of Pride

Pride and pride in excess. Be careful with these negative ideas that cloud your good judgment. You must go towards modesty and humility.

76 – Rimmon. The Angel of Lightning and Storms

Represents the break and the fights in the emotional and sentimental field. Beware of conflicts that can escalate too much.

77 – Moloch. The Angel who sacrifices children at the stake

This is the angel of lies. Be alert for liars and intrigues that may harm your life.

78 – Malchi Dael

Lack of scruples in love and sex. You should not resort to any strategy to get what you want since the end does not justify the means.

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